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The fact you’re sitting and glancing through our site goes to show that you are one of those dawdling creatures who’d rather relish over a cold mug of true beer instead of sipping down a home grown diluted one!
  • Beer 650 ml
  • Beer
Rs 2000
Carlsberg 6 Beer
Kingfisher ultra
Kingfisher ultra
Rs 2000
Kingfisher ultra 6 Beer
Rs 2200
Miller 6 Beer
Rs 1600
Hopper 6 Beer
Rs 2100
Stella 6 Beer
Rs 900
Tuborg 6 Beer

Our favorites

Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other thing.

To put up simply, The Beer House Café is in the process of building and becoming a gastronomic paradise for the incisive consumers today! We aim to co- create an experience that has the potential to determine footfalls like no other food service model can and with endurance second to none!The Beer House Cafe

Food Menu

We’re on a simple mission to spread positively delicious vibes and soul-stirring experiences with our food.
Beer House Special
Rs 525
Marinated cottage cheese with spicy hung curd masala, loaded with papad and fries, served with mint sauce.
Tandoori Tiger Prawns
Rs 845
Tiger prawns matinated with Indian spices and roasted in tandoor.
Meat Ball Pizza
Rs 345
Pizza topped with mozzarella cheese and minced meat ball.

Weekly recommendation


An offer one cannot refuse: All-day refreshing Monday menu with
new dishes, combos, and drinks at a fixed price

Rs 445 Rs 245


Never too late to start: Special offers on beer and other liquor from
Monday to Thursday, 10.30 p.m. to 12.30/1:00 a.m

Rs 450 Rs 300

Menu & cuisine

Don’t limit the blog post to your existing menu. People might love your current menu, but they’re also curious to know the story behind every food item and drinks. You can also include details about what makes a Budweiser made in the factory different than a craft beer.

Opinion column

There’s always a little scope for debate. Through a blog post, you could talk about the things that would evoke a sense of curiosity – Are wine corks better or wine tops? Is feta cheese better or cottage better for your health? This will help in getting a lot of comments by causing a subtle stir. But ensure that you do not write something evidently offensive.

Employee feature stories

Your employees are your biggest assets and even though they’re not the one writing a blog, but they can help you with the information needed. Take a couple of minutes to informally interview them, ask them their favorite pastime and their favorite dish from the menu. Your customers will undoubtedly appreciate getting to know the staff.